[wp-docs] new codex page for developers/dev discussion?

Charlie chazen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 02:35:55 GMT 2005

> I have renamed it to [[Using Alternate Databases]]. 

That's already a much better name, I agree.  Not to be semantically 
nit-picky, but I think "Alternate" should, as an adjective, probably be 
"Alternative"...  and is the "Using" necessary?  What about just 
[[Alternative Databases]]?

> Regarding a section for Developers...

Seems to me there is a slight difference between the impressive work on 
[[User:ringmaster/Developer_Documentation]] and what I was shooting for 
with the database page.  Ringmaster's is documenting what is there now, 
whereas I was going for a section for discussion and woodshopping of 
future development ideas, and roadmapping for features and such.  I'm 
sure this is stuff that the development team already does, but doesn't 
publicize; it would be neat to get the community in on it.

(On a side note, perhaps another future development idea would be 
implementing PHPDoc commenting throughout the WordPress source code, to 
make function reference documentation automatic.)

I'm pretty bad at names.... how does a section heading on [[Advanced 
Topics]] such as "=== Future Development ===" sound?  In the interests 
of not making [[Alternative Databases]] (or whatever it ends up being 
called) lonely under that heading, does anyone else have any game-ready 
pages that would fit this section?  Is it too dangerous to actually put 
a page up called [[Feature Requests]]?  I suppose that can of worms 
might open itself eventually anyway...


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