[wp-docs] Writing a Plugin

Michael D.Adams mikea at turbonet.com
Wed Mar 9 02:19:51 GMT 2005

On Mar 8, 2005, at 5:24 PM, Scott Merrill wrote:
>> I think that the API should remain just that - an API, and not
>> degenerate into a tutorial+cookbook+everything-else.
> I added a handful of trite examples to the Plugin API list, to give 
> working examples of how they can be used.  Should these be removed?
Examples are probably appropriate, but I think it would be best to give 
them their own section.  We really only need a few examples, too: an 
action, a filter, something that takes one or two parameters (see 
below).  I suggest we keep the example section _as short as possible_ 
and encourage people to ask on the list or the discussion page before 
adding new ones.  I see this article mostly as a quick reference for 
people, not a tutorial.  (Let me know if I'm being too fascist.)

Speaking of keeping things clean, I'd like to eventually get rid of the 
following sections from [[Plugin API]]:
#General Guidelines for Plugin Authors
#Adding Submenus to the Admin Menu
#Plugin Metadata

and put them on whatever top level Plugin Development article 
([[Writing Plugins]], [[Plug in into Plugins]]...).

And another thing.  If anyone's been following 
and can tell whether or not this new multiple parameter capability is 
stable enough to include yet, can you make sure the information gets in 
to [[Plugin API]]?


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