[wp-docs] Writing a Plugin

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Wed Mar 9 01:24:09 GMT 2005

Carthik Sharma wrote:
> I have started [[User:Carthik/Plugin_into_Plugins]] with the objective
> of explaining how to write a plugin, covering all bases.
> Maybe it needs to be split into many files, but that's a skeleton you
> can start with.

That page says "Please don't edit".  Should I not edit it to contribute? 
  Should I create my own page with suggestions for inclusion on that page?

> I think that the API should remain just that - an API, and not
> degenerate into a tutorial+cookbook+everything-else.

I added a handful of trite examples to the Plugin API list, to give 
working examples of how they can be used.  Should these be removed?

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