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I think this is an excellent example of the use of the is_* functions.
We have a new page [[Conditional Tags]], and this could be an example
at that page, with some minor mods.

I beleive there are plugins that show a count of the number of
comments,posts etc. and I think it should be possible to list the
categories the post belongs to in the sidebar for single-entry pages,
but your example is really neat, and we can point to a live website
that serves to show how the is_* functions work, if nothing else.

The other functions can go to the respective Template Tag pages, as
example of modifications. Like "If you want to do something similar to
this tag, but outside the loop, do this: "

Could you write up an example at the [[Conditional Tags]] page?


On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 09:39:14 -0500, Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net> wrote:
> I deployed my new theme this weekend (thanks again, geeksmakemehot!),
> and to get it like I wanted it I had to go well beyond the default
> Template Tags.  I thought others might be interested in what I'd done,
> so I've posted my entire sidebar.php here:
>     http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Skippy/Advanced
> If there are default functions to do what I've done, I couldn't find them.
> I'm sending this to docs, rather than hackers, because I think most
> folks on the hackers list could replicate this on their own; but the
> folks who need to read the Codex to make WP work the way they want it to
> work might find my example helpful.
> Is there any place inside the Codex that I could/should flesh this out
> in a more howto manner?
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