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Carthik Sharma carthik at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 03:02:27 GMT 2005

Hi Kim,
> I see some of this on Codex Guidelines, but it doesn't address
> everything from your list above.  Where would one go and learn more,
> any suggestions?  (Oh yeah, and if it is sweet and short, the
> better... :-)

This is the next thing I will be doing at the Codex. I will try to
make it as short and sweet as possible.

> Is there any "official" guidance for translation?  I see at least some
> Spanish translations, although the "index" page seems to have charset
> trouble (at least on my browser)...

There is no official guide to translate the documents. 
Do we really need one?
The mess on the Espanol pages was introduced since the recent 'reboot'
of Codex after it crashed once recently. I suspect that it is a result
of char-encoding clashes between the db and the pages. Matt should be
better placed to respond to this ;)

> I'd like to try to translate pages to Finnish, at least the ones
> linked to from the WordPress code as help.  It'll probably take me
> forever, but gotta start somewhere...

Great! Why don't you give it a shot, sounds like a great idea. You are
your own best judge, so trust your instincts and go for it :)

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