[wp-docs] New Pages.

Michael D.Adams mikea at turbonet.com
Sun Mar 6 03:54:17 GMT 2005

I want to first emphasize that what follows are not meant to be pointed 
remarks; I have a great deal of respect for all those working on Codex 
and for the admins/sysops in particular.  That said, I do not plan on 
making further contributions until the creating new pages policy has 
been finalized _and implemented_.

I have made every effort to follow the guidelines.  These efforts have 
resulted in great success (as in the Pages article), and great 
frustration (as in every other article in my User space - even after 
announcing them here on this list).  I understand the desire to have 
people create pages in their User space; it gives some extra control to 
the sysops etc. in what gets included.  It is also exceedingly slow, at 
least at the moment.  Many people are creating new pages now, and there 
are still the same number of (hard working) "upper-echelon" Codex 
contributors.  I'm offering no alternative solution here, since I have 
not the time nor the desire to pull more authority on Codex, I'm just 
point out a flaw everyone already knows about.

Also, under the "User space" system, duplication of effort is very 
easy.  If this User space system continues, I would suggest asking 
people to suggest ideas for new pages on this list _before_ starting 
one in their User space (rather than the other way around) so that 
duplication can be avoided.

People should also not be afraid to say "that page you created is not 
useful; it will not be included in the Main space"  Closure is good, 
even if the answer is not the one sought.

Michael D Adams

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