[wp-docs] Codex problems? Post 'em here, please.

Chris Coggburn chris at coggburn.us
Thu Mar 3 01:55:02 GMT 2005

Craig Hartel wrote:

> Chris Coggburn wrote:
>> Get rid of the freakin' flower and replace it with a swheet logo or
>> something. It drives me nuts to see it for some reason...am I alone
>> here?
> LOL! I did a logo a while back and sent it to Matt. I think he likes
> the flower, anyway. :)

When I'm at the codex I'm usually trying to do some hackin, not sniff
the flowers. Flowers are distracting because the smell nice, much like
women. Women and flowers in the logo are to be avoided at all cost,
productivity will drop tenfold.

Christopher Coggburn

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