[wp-docs] IRC users list

Ryan Duff ryan at ryanduff.net
Sun Jun 26 15:16:32 GMT 2005

Lorelle VanFossen wrote:
> Let's clean up this request a little so everyone understands.
> A request has been made to permit those who participate as support 
> providers on the IRC channel to have their names on a list on the Codex, 
> possibly similar to the Documentation Team's list.
> I asked the two people interested in this to submit a request to the 
> Documentations Mailing List to approve such a list since it's 
> implications and needs go beyond simple documentation.  The old wiki had 
> such a list, though it was poorly maintained.
> The issues before us are:
> 1. Should such a list of "IRC #wordpress Members on the Codex be of 
> value? How will it be used and referred to?
> 2. Do we need to assign someone to monitor and maintain such a list?
> 3. If the IRC channel gets such a list, shouldn't such a list be 
> provided for the Forums and Development Teams?
> 4. Should the list be a list of names, names with links to user pages on 
> the Codex, names with links to email/web pages of these people, or their 
> name with their IRC nickname next to it and that's it?
> 5. What will it "mean" to have your name on the list? What 
> responsiblities will be taken? Should these responsibilities be outlined 
> like "Lorelle - Codex" or "Fred - Plugins" so people will know what 
> these people "specialize in" when they visit the IRC?  And then will 
> this mean they have to "ask" for that person's help or are limited to 
> only getting help from those people?  We need clarification for the 
> purpose of the list.
> Lorelle

This is getting as bad as work, everything has to go through a 
"procedure" to be added to the codex. C'mon people we're not dealing 
with Sarbanes-Oxley here. There doesn't need to be strict regulations to 
add a page to the codex. This is a community around a open-source program.

All that was asked for was a simple friggin list of users who are often 
found helpful in #wordpress and http://wordpress.org/support/ Lets not 
have the double standard of the Docs team can have a listing but anybody 
who isn't can't list their name even though they're a community 

Ryan Duff
AIM: ryancduff
irc.freenode.net #wordpress

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