[wp-docs] IRC users list

Lorelle VanFossen lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Sun Jun 26 14:59:52 GMT 2005

Let's clean up this request a little so everyone understands.

A request has been made to permit those who participate as support 
providers on the IRC channel to have their names on a list on the Codex, 
possibly similar to the Documentation Team's list.

I asked the two people interested in this to submit a request to the 
Documentations Mailing List to approve such a list since it's 
implications and needs go beyond simple documentation.  The old wiki had 
such a list, though it was poorly maintained.

The issues before us are:

1. Should such a list of "IRC #wordpress Members on the Codex be of 
value? How will it be used and referred to?

2. Do we need to assign someone to monitor and maintain such a list?

3. If the IRC channel gets such a list, shouldn't such a list be 
provided for the Forums and Development Teams?

4. Should the list be a list of names, names with links to user pages on 
the Codex, names with links to email/web pages of these people, or their 
name with their IRC nickname next to it and that's it?

5. What will it "mean" to have your name on the list? What 
responsiblities will be taken? Should these responsibilities be outlined 
like "Lorelle - Codex" or "Fred - Plugins" so people will know what 
these people "specialize in" when they visit the IRC?  And then will 
this mean they have to "ask" for that person's help or are limited to 
only getting help from those people?  We need clarification for the 
purpose of the list.


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