[wp-docs] Link Changes

Lorelle VanFossen lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Sun Jun 26 12:44:35 GMT 2005

Links to articles on the Codex from the last couple versions have been 
to pages which can be edited by only a certain user level and they are 
blocked from being moved or renamed.  So the pages on the Codex are 

The "articles" or docs on the wordpress.org/docs sectioin are ancient. 
Many refer to 1.2. I sent Matt an email over a month ago per his request 
with rewrites of many of them referring people to pages on the Codex, so 
he or whoever coordinates those pages on the main site can copy and 
paste, edit a little, and they are ready to go. They are in HTML tags, 
so it is a simple matter to copy and paste. If the tags need to be 
stripped out for their inclusion, I can deliver the content tag free.

Any page on the Codex linked to from the program can be protected, which 
answers your question. We just need to know which pages.


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