[wp-docs] Codex Cleanup Half Way Status Report

Lorelle VanFossen lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Thu Jun 23 21:31:19 GMT 2005

Whew!  The week is half over and the Cleanup Team wanted me to give you 
all a status report on the activities so far. The following information 
is "of the moment" since momentum is picking up and we can barely keep 
track of it all.

* Tasks List
 Arbitrary New articles (brand new, not revised and fixed): 15
 Arbitrary Tasks Completed (new tasks, not ongoing efforts): 13

  We call these arbitrary because they are the ones "caught" and
  recorded. There is a lot going on very fast here and the cleanup
  team is working hard to keep up, let alone count it all.

* Since Wednesday, June 15, several days before the start of the cleanup 
week, people were already starting to pitch in.  While exact numbers are 
hard to estimate, it looks like about 2000 changes have been made to the 
Codex since then, maybe more. Will probably be about double that by the 
middle of next week.  A lot of cleaning by the cleanup team will happen 
next week to clean up from the weekend.

* While 19 people "officially" signed up, many more signed up for 
specific tasks and made offers of help via the IRC Chat #wordpress-docs.

* The Task list has been cleaned up to only show the lists of items 
awaiting activity and signup at http://codex.wordpress.org/Codex:Tasks.  
The accomplished tasks have been moved to the discussion page: 

*Especially important has been the list of new articles submitted to Codex
including these contributions with more on the way:

Add Link SubPanel
Adding Asides
Administration Panels in Plugins
Alphabetizing Posts
Blog by Email
Hardening WordPress
Moving WordPress
Using Javascript in WordPress
Coloured Quicktags
Creating Admin Themes
Styling for Print
Using Gravatars
WordPress Cookies
Link Manager - complete rewrite and revision

* While everyone on the Cleanup team has worked hard on this, special 
recognition needs to be given to the "categorizing team" who categorized 
EVERY one of the more than 400 articles on the Codex. The categories are 
coordinated with the main table of contents and listed at the bottom of 
every page. This will help increase the connection between related 
documents and improve user friendliness in the Codex. It is a huge, 
boring task and kudos to them for plowing through it all.

As it stands now, the Codex Cleanup Week has been a resounding success. 
Many goals set for this project have been accomplished:

* Increased awareness of the WordPress Codex as a resource
* Improvement of the reputation of the WordPress Codex as a valued resource
* Increased connection between the Forum and the Codex
* Increased volunteer activity on the Codex
* Increased documentation
* Improved checking and verification of documents from a "team" and not 
an individual resulting in documents released faster and better quality 
* Improved communication
* Development of a task list for directing volunteer efforts

Again, thanks to everyone.  We are just at the half way mark and there 
is plenty more to do.  Get out your brooms and dust pans and start 
cleaning up the Codex with us.

Lorelle and the whole Codex Cleanup Team

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