[wp-xmlrpc] Decoupling xmlrpc endpoint from Wordpress installation

Luke Mackenzie luke at lukem.co.uk
Wed Jul 21 08:31:09 UTC 2010

Themes are being developed on a separate system and then moved to the live system when deemed stable. However, due to inconsistencies in plugins across servers, something working on dev is not a reliable indicator that it will work on live.

I was therefore wondering about replication or some kind of mirrored instance for the XMLRPC stuff. Obviously, the real solution is to have a staging server and a suite of automated tests which can be a reliable benchmark of how things will behave on live. However, we are not in that situation yet.

On 20 Jul 2010, at 17:01, Eric Mann wrote:

> +1 on working with a separate WP installation.
> It's bad form to blend a development environment with a live system ... 
> On July 20, 2010 at 3:56 PM Joseph Scott <joseph at josephscott.org> wrote:
>> I'd either be more defensive in your flash app (degrade gracefully if
>> the custom field is missing) and/or do the theme development on a
>> separate WP install.
>> On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 8:26 AM, Luke Mackenzie <luke at lukem.co.uk> wrote:
>>> I'm working on a Wordpress MU install (2.9.2) and have developed some custom
>>> XMLRPC methods which are working fine. However, we're in a situation where
>>> the XMLRPC endpoint is serving live clients (flash kiosks) and the actual
>>> wordpress website is not yet live so is still being developed (theme
>>> development, new /updated plugins etc). Updates to the live server
>>> (templates, new custom fields, people adding new content) are occasionally
>>> causing instabilities with the flash kiosks (the flash is expecting a custom
>>> field to exist, for example, and someone has removed it from the authoring
>>> interface or someone adds content with a vital image missing).
>>> Can anyone suggest a strategy for decoupling the XMLRPC interface from the
>>> live site? Would this need database replication or something similar? Maybe
>>> we could have an additional blog which only serves the kiosks and replicate
>>> data to that at 24 hour intervals?
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