[wp-xmlrpc] Have you seen this before? wp.getOptions() is executing, but returning no values

Dan Green dan at bringtheblog.com
Tue Feb 9 03:04:28 UTC 2010

The error was related to cURL. 

My service accepts user input via a HTML form. Users that provide a blog 
URL of http://mysite.com when the blog's true URL is 
http://www.mysite.com were getting the error.  cURL doesn't resolve 

I know that cURL has an option for redirection and that was the initial 
fix.  However, because redirection waits for a timeout before trying 
"the next URL", there was a major drag on loadtimes.  Therefore, I am 
doing the URL check programatically.  If wp.getOptions() doesn't throw 
an error and its values are null, that's a signal that something went 
wrong.  At that point, I use PHP to add the "www" to the user's URI and 
re-run wp.getOptions().  It works.

A look at the server shows that the cURL function throws a -1 error so 
that's probably another way to troubleshoot.

Thanks for your help.  Hopefully, this thread will help somebody else.

Daniel Jalkut wrote:
> On Jan 6, 2010, at 10:06am, Dan Green wrote:
>> Have you ever run into something like this? I am sure there’s a logical explanation — I just can’t figure it out. And before I start digging into somebody else's server configuration, I thought I'd ask the group if this is a common issue with a simple work-around.
> Hi Dan - first thing I would look into, which you didn't mention one way or the other, is whether the installed plugins are different on the affected and unaffected servers.
> Whenever I see unexpected results from the API, I usually suspect plugin interference as a first line of inquiry.
> Daniel
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