[wp-xmlrpc] new guy on list writing blog client

tony baldwin tony at baldwinsoftware.com
Sat Apr 10 19:03:45 UTC 2010


I think I'm the first to write a blog client in tcl/tk.
Anyway, this weekend I implemented wordpress posting with metaWeblog/xml-rpc to
Xpostulate (http://baldwinsoftware.com/xpost.html)
Previously it was only posting to livejournal & clones thereof.
I intend to add blogger functions, as well.
I was having difficulty, and joined the list to ask some questions,
but by the time I received
verification of membership, I'd sorted everything out.

The only blog client I'd found for linux that did wordpress posting,
prior to building my own,
as drivel, so, perhaps my work is relevant in that respect, too.
I might be missing something...there may be more linux clients. I don't know.
Mine, being tcl/tk, is pretty well cross-platform, although developed
on a debian system.
I have windows users who say it's working for them (haven't tested it
only thing but
debian and ubuntu, myself).

I'll stick around and see what develops, all the same.


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