[wp-xmlrpc] WordPress 2.5

Joseph Scott joseph at randomnetworks.com
Sat Mar 29 21:55:34 GMT 2008

WordPress 2.5 is now officially out ( http://wordpress.org/ 
development/2008/03/wordpress-25-brecker/ ).  There are a number of  
things that this release has for XML-RPC clients (cut and pasted from  
http://joseph.randomnetworks.com/archives/2008/03/29/wordpresss-25/ ):

For the XML-RPC blog client developers out there 2.5 adds four new  

     * wp.deleteCategory( blog_id, username, password, category_id )  
- Delete a category.
     * wp.getCommentCount( blog_id, username, password, post_id ) -  
Provides a struct of all the comment counts ( approved,  
awaiting_moderation, spam, total_comments ) for a given post_id. The  
post_id parameter is optional (or can be set to zero), if it is not  
provided then the same struct is returned, but for the entire blog  
instead of just one post.
     * wp.getPostStatusList( blog_id, username, password ) - Provides  
a struct of all the valid post statuses ( draft, pending, private,  
publish ) and their descriptions ( Draft, Pending Review, Private,  
Published ).
     * wp.getPageStatusList( blog_id, username, password ) - Provides  
a struct of all the valid page statuses ( draft, private, publish )  
and their descriptions ( Draft, Private, Published).

To go along with the new status methods, you can now explicitly set  
the post and page status using the post_status and page_status  
fields. Like wise the status is also exposed via the various get*  
methods. One note about future posts, for the purposes of XML-RPC  
clients we set the post_status to publish when the actual database  
value is future.

The wp.suggestCategories method has been fixed to return data in the  
same format that did originally. I never heard anyone complain about  
this though, so I guess it isn’t getting much use.

Custom fields for posts and pages are now exposed and manageable from  
metaWeblog.getPost/newPost/editPost, wp.getPage/newPage/editPage via  
the custom_fields field. I was really happy to get this in, I think  
there is a long of potential in being able to manage custom fields  

The mt_allow_comments field now understands the value of 2 to be the  
same as the value of zero. This was done because other platforms  
expect to be able use, so some clients assume that we support it. Now  
we do, but from the WordPress point of view is does exactly the same  
thing as zero.

If the field date_created_gmt is provided in metaWeblog.newPost/ 
editPost, wp.newPage/editPage then it is used instead of the  
dateCreated field. This same field was already exposed via  
metaWeblog.getPost, wp.getPage. By definition the date_created_gmt  
field is always GMT, even if you don’t provide a time zone offset or  
a trailing Z. I’m hoping this will help ease the many headaches that  
have been brought on by trying to deal with date/time issues in the  
XML-RPC blog APIs.

Joseph Scott
joseph at randomnetworks.com

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