[wp-xmlrpc] Daylight saving time and edting past post

Toby Simmons toby at simmonsconsulting.com
Sun Mar 2 03:34:37 GMT 2008

I'm the lead developer for Zempt, a (slow developing) desktop blogging
client and I've got a question. I tried to explain the problem in a blog
post -
nd-wordpress-xmlrpc/ - but I'll summarize it here.

The problem occurs when you edit a previous post that was written in a
different daylight saving state than what is currently in effect. Say it's
NOT daylight time right now but I edit a post that was posted during
daylight time. When this post is prepared for re-posting, Zempt will convert
the post's date and time to UTC (which, for me in the Central time zone is
-0500 during daylight time) then post it with xmlrpc. The problem is that
currently my blog is set for standard time, which for me is -0600, so when
WordPress processes the post, it bumps up the post date an hour earlier. If
I edit this post several times, each time it is republished, the post date
is bumped an hour earlier each time.

The same thing occurs if it is daylight time and you edit a post that was
written in standard time, except it gets later and later each time it is

Is there a way to fix this or to tell WordPress what time zone offset to use
for a particular post with xmlrpc?

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