[wp-xmlrpc] Re: [wp-hackers] Looking for more XML-RPC developers

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Sat Sep 29 14:30:51 GMT 2007

> A list was started recently (http://lists.automattic.com/mailman/ 
> listinfo/wp-xmlrpc) to work with others (some of the client  
> developers are on the list) that make use of WP XML-RPC.  If any of  
> the above items are an interesting to you please feel free to sign  
> up for the wp-xmlrpc list and introduce yourself and what you'd be  
> interested in working on.

Hi all,

I'm Paolo, almost 29r, the only one surviving founder of Pixline  
Coding Collective (http://pixline.net), web tweaker since 1998 and  
actually just a php coder.

I just signed myself into the list, even if I'm not really an  
experienced xml-rpc developer, but I'm willing to know more and maybe  
be helpful, as I'm just beginning to work on xml-rpc by myself and  
I'm quite pleased of its power.

More, I'm going to work hard on xml-rpc in my next working project  
(in the radio automation and scheduling area, and somehow  related/ 
linked with WordPress), so I hope to have at least something to say  
or to contribute in the next future.

Please excuse me if I'll need some time to fit better and be concrete  
in this list, I'll try to be more than a lurker.
I've just installed my first xmlrpc blogging client, just to know  
better what I'm going to play with :-)


Paolo Tresso
Pixline.net coder

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