[wp-xmlrpc] Expose draft status of posts...

Joseph Scott joseph at randomnetworks.com
Mon Sep 17 16:11:15 GMT 2007

On Sep 15, 2007, at 2:05 PM, Daniel Jalkut wrote:

> I know this is going to come "for free" with Atom support, but in  
> the mean time it would be great to finally have the draft/published  
> status of posts definitively described in the post attributes.
> http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4982
> Does anybody have a problem with just adding a "wp_draft" boolean  
> attribute to the posts returned by getRecentPosts?
> I guess one gotcha is that to be consistent it would then have to  
> also check for that attribute on posts, and interpret it the same  
> way it currently interprets the "publish" argument to newPost.

Would it be helpful to know the other possible states? Ryan mentioned  
5: http://boren.nu/archives/2007/09/05/post-status-transitions/

     * publish
     * draft
     * private
     * future
     * pending

Joseph Scott

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