[wp-xmlrpc] WP 2.2.1 breaks Ruby 1.8.2

Joe Cheng Joe.Cheng at microsoft.com
Tue Jun 26 18:23:43 GMT 2007

> The only question that comes up is then you have to detect
> whether the "old-style" date is in fact one of these unusual
> beasts that has the time-zone tacked in.  Maybe not a big
> deal, but you'd then have the question of whether the
> additional time-zone metadata is an affirmation of the
> built-in time zone, or a further adjustment to it.

If the time is in UTC, then the dateCreatedTimeZone is Z,
meaning no further offset is required. The rule would be,
dateCreated with dateCreatedTimeZone applied = UTC. Period.

dateCreated is problematic because there is no explicit time
zone information. I'm simply suggesting we add explicit time
zone information.

> I think I prefer the separate field because it clearly
> delineates the meanings of the fields. One is "server-
> specific meaning", and one is GMT. Each is fully independent
> and parseable without regard to the other (if the client
> doesn't want to regard one or the other).

That's exactly why it makes me uncomfortable: each is fully
Independent yet they're supposed to represent the same
underlying value. There's value in not repeating yourself--
you can eliminate even the possibility of self-contradiction.

Anyway, we probably shouldn't spend too many calories on this
until Joseph chimes in on what WordPress would be open to.

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