[wp-xmlrpc] WP 2.2.1 breaks Ruby 1.8.2

Joseph Scott joseph at randomnetworks.com
Thu Jul 12 16:29:20 GMT 2007

On Jun 29, 2007, at 12:11 PM, Joe Cheng wrote:

>> I'm still a bit torn on what exactly the new field should contain.
>> Allan's arguments for the new field to be an offset is attractive.
>> No data is duplicated and it does a provide a way to determine the
>> GMT date.
> I agree--the offset is more elegant, but just using the UTC date is  
> likely more practical. I think the ship has long since sailed on  
> making MetaWeblog being elegant, so I'd personally lean toward  
> practical :)
> If we do the UTC date then no parsing at all will be required,  
> given a reasonable XML-RPC library. That seems like a real benefit  
> to me.

I will be submitting patches to wordpress.org that will revert the  
GMT changes and add a new GMT specific field, that does not have the  
Z on the end, but will always contain a GMT date/time.

I'll also make these changes to wordpress.com blogs.

I will post here again with references to the tickets on  
wordpress.org and when I've deployed the changes to wordpress.com.

Joseph Scott

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