[wp-xmlrpc] mt_allow_pings fix in metaWeblog.newPost

Joseph Scott joseph at randomnetworks.com
Fri Aug 17 20:41:45 GMT 2007

Allan Odgaard had mentioned to me a problem with mt_allow_pings being  
set properly in metaWeblog.newPost using the value of open, like this:

>     <member>
>         <name>mt_allow_pings</name>
>         <value><string>open</string></value>
>     </member>

For the longest time I was unable to see why this was happening.   
Today I finally found it, there was a typo that caused it to be  
missed.  I've got a patch for this at:


I'll see if I can get this into -trunk as well so that it makes into  
the 2.3.

Nuts, just looked and found another typo for this in  
metaWeblog.editPost, same issue.  I've update the patch above with a  
fix for that as well.  Beyond that editPost also had some duplicated  
code that was processing mt_allow_pings a second time.

I've already updated and deployed the code at wordpress.com with  
these fixes.

A big thank you Allan for pointing this out and keeping on me to get  
it fixed.

Joseph Scott

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