[wp-xmlrpc] date_created_gmt

Joseph Scott joseph at randomnetworks.com
Thu Aug 16 20:00:28 GMT 2007

We are coming up on another release and I'd like to get more of the  
XML-RPC issues sorted out and resolved.  Starting with our old  
friend, the time zone.

I've prepared a patch that reverts the dateCreated field back to the  
way it was before (blog time) and adds a new field,  
date_created_gmt.  This new field has no time zone data in it, but by  
definition is always GMT.

This patch is against -trunck, instructions on getting that are at  

The following methods are impacted by this:


With my test blog at -6 time zone offset all of the above methods  
return date data as expected (dateCreated is blog time,  
date_created_gmt is GMT).

I'd appreciate if everyone would test this patch against their own  
XML-RPC clients and confirm that this works as expected.

The patch is attached to this trac ticket:


it is the gmt-xmlrpc.php.diff patch.

Thank you.

Joseph Scott

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