[wp-ui] WordPress Design

Ronen Hirsch remote at iamronen.com
Thu Feb 18 15:36:23 UTC 2010

Dear Jane,

How would you feel about creating a separate (from this group) "WordPress-Design" group and process that is dedicated to a product-design of WordPress?

It could, and probably should, be disassociated from the short-term UI challenges that are in touch with current development efforts&  trac tickets. It could be granted a freedom to explore directions&  ideas without being bound to development and without having development bound to it. In time development and design may make connections, share ideas... it would be an indirect exploration rather then resolution of specific/isolated version-related challenges.

There have been numerous voices on this list showing interest in this direction - which have been met with some resistance. Maybe instead of pushing this energy aside we can all benefit from giving it an alternate space for expression?

All Things Good

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