[wp-ui] Custom Menus (Project #2)

Tracy Cannon tracy at carpelgin.com
Sat Feb 6 23:31:49 UTC 2010

Like I said, these are the notes I've been taking, so there are 
probably some redundancies. (And it should explain the length as well.)

Problem with the existing page menu:
    Since the functionality is based on the wp_page_menu... there are 
significant limitations:
    - Is based on "Page Order"
    - Only allows one menu
    - Only includes pages
    - includes all pages & children unless specifically described in 
template tags
    - No core UI options for including/excluding pages from the menu
    - No core UI options for describing the # of levels to include

    To manage it now you add/change the "page order" number of each 
individual page.


Questions that need to be Answered (And a Few Statements)

** Custom-Menu vs. wp_page_menu
    - Will wp_page_menu be depreciated?

    - If no custom-menus have been created, is the wp_page_menu (using 
page order) returned?

    - A separate "Don't include in Page Menu" option shouldn't be 
added at the page level, but than means that in any circumstance NOT 
using a custom-menu, all pages will be returned. [A little more about 
this under the hierarchy options below.]

** Multiple custom-menus
    - Is there a default unique custom-menu? In the existing code, I 
think it's just the first menu created.

    - Does there need to be a method for selecting a different default 
custom-menu (new or existing)?

** Custom-Menu Items

    + Type (Required): Home, Page, Category, * Taxonomy, Link
       (I'm not sure if "Link" should be the right term, since it 
looks like the current link just records a url unrelated to the Link 
    + Title (Not required):
       - Unique title for this item on a specific custom-menu
       - (default) Uses the original title of the item
       Note: the ui should display (but not edit) the "real" title of 
the item.

    + (Depending on Type)
       - Reference to an object (page, etc.)
       - URL
       - ? Non-link Text Title for a sub-menu

** Hierarchy (for Custom-Menu Items)
       This seems to be the thorniest part being worked out in various 
mockups, but I think that once we nail down how this works, then it 
will be a lot easier to work out how to communicate it to the users.

    + Should there be a limited number of levels? (for adding menu-items)

    + Dealing with Menu-Items with children (the referenced object has 
       Possible options are
             a.) include all children
             b.) include specific children (decided at the child page 
level, and would roll into the wp_page_menu function as well)
             c.) include specific children (unique to this specific 
             d.) exclude specific children (unique to this specific 
             e.) do not include the children (of this referenced object)

    If there are hierarchies in the custom-menu unrelated to a 
referenced object's (page's) children, then a custom menu-item could 
have "Do not include this PAGE's children" BUT still allow explicitly 
added sub-menu items below it.

    (After writing that... I realized that we may actually use terms 
like sub-menu for menu items to really make the differences clearer.)

** UI / Front End Notes

    + Should there be an automated option to create a custom menu 
populated with (what would be) the output of wp_page_menu, before 
being manipulated

    + Drag & Drop item ordering /addition?

** Questions about other interactions:

    + Assign Category to Static Pages 
       - Current discussion suggests pages get listed after posts (in 
what order?)

    + New Template Tag:
       How will this affect the existing "page_order" functionality, 
which is currently based on a parent, and than assigning a number to 
each page. If the page order is decidedly separate from custom menus, 
then the "page order management" needs to be looked at separately. (It 
already has its own ticket, but just wanted to make that clearer.)

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