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Rick Beckman rick.beckman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 01:53:52 GMT 2008

+1. In my several years' experience with phpBB (experience which has helped
a lot in using WordPress), one of the big things I learned was *Don't force
markup upon users.* Content, programming, markup, and style should be kept
separate -- each of them catering to a different crowd (authors, plugin
devs, themers, etc.), and each shouldn't have to step on the others' toes to
do his or her job.

Rick Beckman

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 8:11 PM, Spencer Lavery <phobea at gmail.com> wrote:

> The CSS and xHTML should be part of the 'Default' theme, or any theme
> for that matter - injecting them within the post not only forces users
> to edit the core files in order to change their appearance, but it's
> also adding <style> tags, and inline CSS (<br style="clear:all;">)
> which is breaking validation.
> Instead of forcing each image to be wrapped in a DL, add some new WP
> template tags for targeting the gallery specifically inside the loop,
> for example:
> <?php if (have_gallery()) : ?>
> <dl class="gallery">
> <?php while (have gallery()) : the_gallery(); ?>
> <dt><?php the_thumbnail(); ?>
> <?php endwhile; ?>
> <?php endif; ?>
> This could allow themers to pass variables such as thumbnail size
> directly into the template tag, i.e:
> <?php the_thumbnail('width=120&height=120&crop=1'); ?>
> This way of doing things would also give themers much, much more
> flexibility with using gallerys in other areas of the theme such as
> the sidebar. Another benefit would be the ability to target
> the_thumbnail, the_medium_image and the_fullsize_image respectively.
> I apologise if this is already in production, I just feel that the new
> Gallery is such an awesome feature that it deserves to be easier to
> use, and easier to work with for themers and standard users alike.
> Spencer Lavery.
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Rick Beckman

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