[wp-pro] Discontinuing this mailing list

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Wed Aug 18 09:27:07 UTC 2010

Hello everyone. When this list was started back in 2005, there were not 
that many WordPress consultants, and not that many people hiring them, 
either. :) As you know, since that time WordPress has grown 
considerably, and the number of people making a living from 
WordPress-based businesses is amazing. There are numerous websites to 
connect consultants to gigs, referral services, help lines, etc. Because 
that seems to be where the bulk of opportunities are getting posted 
these days, we're going to deactivate the wp-pro mailing list this week.

Let's face it: when someone says they want to hire someone for a 
WordPress job, making them sign up for a mailing list just to post an ad 
is a little ridiculous when they could go to a site like 
http://jobs.wordpress.net and put up a post that can be easily 
managed/updated in moments as well as being seen by far more people.

For anyone subscribed to the list currently wondering where they should 
go now to post jobs/look for consultants, we recommend 
http://jobs.wordpress.net, though other sites such as http://elance.com 
and http://www.odesk.com usually have a lot of WordPress gig listings as 
well. There's also a consultant list at http://codepoet.com.

Mailing lists are great for discussions, but they're just not the best 
way to hire people. Thanks for all the good times, and good luck with 
your WordPress businesses!

Jane Wells

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