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John James Jacoby in at j-3.me
Wed Jun 30 21:36:55 UTC 2010

All of our translations are managed by separate committers on a separate
SVN. To include all of these translations would force everyone to download
all languages (300kb po + 100kb mo * 10 languages = 4mb in extra
translations for every download)


To do this, we would have to download each translation separately and add it
to the tagged package on wp.org.


My thought was that if you needed the translation, we could just have a cute
downloader in BuddyPress that would grab the file, and put it in
wp-content/languages/buddypress/ for safe keeping. We have our own function
that loads the po/mo anyhow, so changing the directory that it points to is
no big deal. Then when BuddyPress 1.2.6 comes out, they won't have to worry
about their previously downloaded language getting wiped out, or have to
download 4MB of additional translations they won't use.


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On 30 Jun 2010, at 21:02, John James Jacoby wrote:

Hey everyone! First time using this list so be gentile. J


For BuddyPress, we have a large number of users in languages other than
English, and when BuddyPress gets updated their po/mo's are deleted, and
they are forced to redownload their translations.


I was wondering if there is any compelling reason for plugins to NOT put
their translation files into wp-content/languages/*plugin-folder-name* and
then write their own functions to load those files, and update those files
when needed.


Seems to me this would fix our problems, but I wanted to consult with you
all before giving it a go.



I just include all current po/mo's in the plugin download.


Does this not work for you?


e.g. https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/wordpress-beta-tester/tags/0.92/


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