[wp-polyglots] The danish trunk

Mark Thomas Gazel markgazel at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 08:27:55 UTC 2010


> > So how do I get the latest files into there? My guess would be, that they're
> > in the repository and can be copied, but from where exacly?
> You can grab them from the main trunk (or tags/3.0 as the case may be)
> and translate. They go below your <locale>/trunk/dist (or
> <locale>/tags/3.0/dist) folder, remember.

Sorry, but where exactly do I find the main trunk? I can see all
locale folders just fine, but which is the main one?

> As a reminder, the only files that need hard-coded translations are now:
> readme.txt
> config-sample.php
> wp-admin/setup-config.php

Yes. Nice and easy.

> The /messages folder is usually used to store .po/.mo files for direct
> download, so that you could possibly export the .po's from GP,
> generate the .mo's, and place them there,

Won't GlotPress package the .po/.mo files when building at
da.wordpress.org? Do I have to manually eksport them and then move it
the to messages folder? Before building the new package.

> > When I the latest 3.0 files are in there my guess would be to translate the
> > files. The only *really* importent file to translate would be
> > wp-admin/setup-config.php
> Correct. wp-config-sample.php is also important because some people
> change it by hand and the comments can come in handy.

Yes, but I might skip that. I think it has been skipped for the last
couple of versions. Those capable of manually filling in the setup
data can read the original comments too. It's a sensitive file with
very little room for i.e. blank line, wrong character etc. I would
rather leave it be than risk 'headers already sent ...' errors.

> > And when that's done create a 'branch' and 'tags' folder and copy my
> > translated files over into there.
> Yes, again, below /dist

When you say below /dist I'm guessing you mean in the /dist folder. Am
I right :-)

Best regards


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