[wp-polyglots] The danish trunk

Mark Thomas Gazel markgazel at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 20:40:28 UTC 2010


Still fumbling around on unfamiliar ground.

The danish trunk in the repository is definately not updated with the 3.0

I'm talking about the folders:


So how do I get the latest files into there? My guess would be, that they're
in the repository and can be copied, but from where exacly?

When I the latest 3.0 files are in there my guess would be to translate the
files. The only *really* importent file to translate would be


And when that's done create a 'branch' and 'tags' folder and copy my
translated files over into there.

Am I right so far?

Would anyone care to help me set this up or tell me how?

I think that's whats missing for me to build my danish 3.0 release through


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