[wp-polyglots] The tags at GlotPress

Peter Holme peter at holme.se
Sat Jun 19 22:11:03 UTC 2010


Just wondering what's going on with the 3.0.x tag at GlotPress? How is it
supposed to be used?

I exported the strings from trunk and uploaded them to the 3.0.x set
(nb_NO), since I thought maybe that the strings at 3.0.x would be "frozen",
but I realize now that both trunk and 3.0.x can be edited by anyone... - so
isn't this kind of confusing? (at least for all who aren't used to working
with versions?) The point with GlotPress is that anyone can contribute, with
minimal previous knowledge of po/mo/svn etc, right? but how do "the people"
know where they are supposed to contribute?

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