[wp-polyglots] Re. NO, NN and NB (was: How does it work?)

Peter Holme peter at holme.se
Wed Jun 16 15:09:02 UTC 2010

2010/6/16 José Fontainhas <jfontainhas at gmail.com>

> José, could you please just say if it is possible to recover the content of
>> the pages I created at no.wordpress.org.. I would really like to not
>> having to write all of that again if it could be avoided...
>> I'm afraid not, sorry...
Dritt.. (s**t in norwegian) I don't even remember what I wrote, only that I
was really happy with the result :(

> BTW.. I have finished all the strings for WP-RC3-15260, built it and
>> released it at nb.wordpress.org.. Do I have to do something else, like a
>> deploy request or something?
>> No, it's all good. Deploys are just needed for the website itself (i.e.
> screenshot or string changes)
> Then I think I might have missed some documentation... Shouldn't the
translation pop up in the WordPress backend on my site? The site was not
installed using the localized package, of course, since there hasn't been
any norwegian packages (just the mo-files). Can I do something to get the
updated language files automatically?

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