[wp-polyglots] How does it work?

Eivind meinmycell-lists at yahoo.no
Tue Jun 15 18:50:39 UTC 2010

> I would be thankful to be added as a contributor to nn.wordpress.org,
> and later no.wordpress.org. My .org username is meinmycell.
> Thanks for your work with nn and nb. Let's hope for no.wordpress.org
> in the not too distant future.

A few seconds after writing this (and close reading emails), I found out that nb.wordpress.org does not even exist, and that no.wordpress.org has been setup with nb alone.

I can't recall that this is according to earlier discussions here.

If my memory serves me right, nb and nn were to be set up with the according languages, with no.wordpress.org being set up when it becomes possible to serve both languages from that domain. I still think this is the most logical course of action.

Please correct me if I am mistaken.

Best regards

Eivind Ødegård

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