[wp-polyglots] How does it work?

José Fontainhas jfontainhas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 23:03:45 UTC 2010

On 14 June 2010 20:45, Xavier Borderie <xavier at borderie.net> wrote:
> Do not forget the /dist folder :)
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Files_For_Direct_Translation

On that subject, the only files that need hard-coded translations are now:

All others are now properly i18n'ed

>> I guees I go here:
>> http://da.wordpress.org/wp-admin/tools.php?page=rosetta_manage_translations


>> And 'Build a package' that then ends up on the frontpage of
>> http://da.wordpress.org/ in the orange Download block. Is that right?

Right, with the added bonus that you don't have to fumble with theme
versions anymore (english, i18n'ed). It all gets pulled from Twenty
Ten's translations on GlotPress

>> Is there any special settings? Will some kind of howto be made available?
>> Or is it pretty self explanatory? I guees it is, but some pointers would be
>> nice.

That's about it, but I'll be updating the Codex and Translators Handbook soon


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