[wp-polyglots] Importers translations

Nikolay Bachiyski nb at nikolay.bg
Wed Jun 9 14:52:01 UTC 2010

As some of you might noticed, all importers have been take out of
WordPress and have been moved to separate plugins [0].

You can submit importers translations in GlotPress [1] On release your
translations will be bundled with the plugins.

If you have validator rights for the WordPress project, you will
automatically get validator rights in WordPress Plugins, too.

I haven't imported any of the current translations, but importing your
WordPress 2.9.2 translation will probably do the trick.

This is the first experiment with adding selected plugins to
GlotPress. Working on a smaller scale will help us figure out how to
bring the whole plugin repository there.

Happy translating,

[0] http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tags/importer
[1] http://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins

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