[wp-polyglots] Locale forums updated to bbPress trunk version

Milan Dinić liste at srpski.biz
Thu Jul 29 23:43:53 UTC 2010

We didn't have activity last days on our locale forum so I didn't notice
that locale forums were updated to bbPress trunk version from July 23rd.
Although there is understanding for update of wp.org/support forum to
bbPress trunk (especially since it includes built in support for email
subscriptions), I don't understand why locale forums are updated since
obviously there aren't translations of bbPress trunk so now we have a lot of
untranslated strings (note that previous version used on locale forums was which means we skipped 1.0 branch).

I must protest against this update because nobody asked us nor informed us
about this. I like bbPress 1.1-alpha (I even contributed to it) but it isn't
final product, it doesn't have translations and it isn't tested with

I am asking Nikolay, Ze or whoever did this update to make new POT file for
theme used on forums (even before update there were new strings which
weren't in POT from 2008), to inform us what to do with translation of
support forum plugin (since I suspect that this is updated too) and tell us
where to send deploy requests for our updated PO and MO files (for forums,
of course). Ouh, and
http://codex.wordpress.org/International_WordPress_Forums should be updated
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