[wp-polyglots] Localization of WordPress.com Stats

Peter Holme peter at holme.se
Thu Jul 1 23:13:10 UTC 2010


Please don't kill me if this is totally inappropriate, but here goes..

I just posted this on wordpress.org/support/, it's tagged with and about the
plugin WordPress.com Stats:

Hi! I'm wondering if it's possible to localize this plugin, and how.. I
managed to produce a po-file from the stats.php file with Poedit, made som
translations and produced mo files, I first named it stats-nb_NO.mo, then
nb_NO.mo, putting it in thewp-content/plugins/stats/ folder, but no luck..
It doesn't seem to have any function to load a text domain, and all the
strings are just __('some string'), instead of what you'd expect: __('some
string', 'wordpress-stats') or something.. If I begin messing with the php
file, it'll just get reverted once the plugin is updated, so I'd prefer if
there were any other solutions...

Here is the link: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/418368?replies=1

But now I see that someone else posted a similar thread 8 months ago, and it
has remained unanswered:

So I thought maybe someone here would know the answer?

All the best,

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