[wp-polyglots] Documentation: Translators Handbook

Nikolay Bachiyski nb at nikolay.bg
Thu Apr 1 16:37:54 UTC 2010

Our current documentation [0] is really old and during the years we
just piled more and more on top of the old structure. Sometimes we
didn't even bother to update it.

Instead of re-writing it in the Codex, I would like to revive it as a
slightly different project – Translators Handbook. It will be separate
from the Codex, it will be in HTML format, it will be hosted on
docs.wordpress.org and it will be kept in a subversion repository.

The goals of the new handbook are to:

* Update, proofread and edit the current documentation.
* Add sections about administering a translation  – adding new
committers and translators, permissions, managing local sites and
forums, points of contact for specific questions.
* Have all this in a nicely structured document.

I have already committed a sample table of contents in the repository:


There is more readable version here: http://nikolay.bg/mess/handbook.html

On order to move on with the project, I will need some of you to help
with writing and editing the content. The volunteers will get commit
access to the handbook svn repository and can start hacking right away

Even if you can't help with writing or proof-reading, it would be
great if you have a look at the current table of contents and give
your opinion.

Happy translating,

[0] http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress

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