[wp-polyglots] Update Now!

René Clausen Nielsen rcn at shevy.dk
Thu Jun 11 10:06:10 GMT 2009

Oi peeps,

The Danish translation of WP 2.8 is in the wild but a few nagging errors
have either returned og occured.

Firstly, the user perspective. "WordPress 2.8 er klar! Opdater
(the Danish version of "WordPress 2.8 is available! Please update
keeps showing even though people actually have upgraded to the latest Danish
version (which by nature is newer than the English one). What gives?

Secondly, me me me :) Branching/tagging 2.8 from trunk (using svnX on my
Mac) drops the new timezone-po and -mo. Is that my fault or something's
fault? I've put "continents-cities-da_DK.po" and
"continents-cities-da_DK.mo" in the messages folder which seemed to be the
right place when I compiled the Danish WP 2.8 package from trunk.



René Clausen Nielsen
Oehlenschlægersgade 84, 4. tv
1663 København V
Mobil: +45 31 68 80 84
E-mail: rcn at shevy.dk
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