[wp-polyglots] José

José Fontainhas jfontainhas at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 18:48:02 GMT 2009

Hi everybody and thanks for the warm welcome. I know most of you already 
so it's not going to be a big change, except to unload Nikolay's burden ;)


Zé (<-that's what everyone calls me, btw)

Happy Translating (er... strike that, gotta get me a new tagline)
>> Hey everybody,
>> You all have seen José Fontainhas around. I just wanted to let you
>> know he now works for Automattic and will be doing some administrative
>> translations work, I used to do before that. Like dealing with svn
>> permissions, adding and updating local sites and such fun stuff.
>> So, don't be surprised if you get your "Done." from José and not from me.
> Hi Josè happy you joined the Automattic Team.

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