[wp-polyglots] Te reo Maori translation?

Samuel Murray (Groenkloof) samuel at translate.org.za
Sun Jul 27 15:55:52 GMT 2008

G'day Kiharoa

> Is there anyone actively working on a te reo Māori version of WP outside 
> of locamotion?

If you find anyone, please let me know.  I sent individual e-mails to 82 
Māori translators in New Zealand inviting them to help translate WP into 
Māori on a volunteer basis, and only two of them responded and showed a 
semblance of interest.  I had hoped that teachers and lecturers would 
encourage their students to participate, but although I included some 
strategically connected people in my mailing, the response was basically 

I had actually hoped that Māori would be a good candidate for 
translating WordPress because most Māori volunteers are likely to have a 
very good knowledge of English as well, and besides, the Māori people 
are in the (theoretically) fortunate situation that their language is 
actively promoted by vocal advocates in the country of origin.  And New 
Zealand has good, cheap internet access.

So, no-one at Locamotion is currently translating Māori, but we tried. 
Any translations you saw on pootle.locamotion.org were created from 
translation memories that I generated from the Māori translations of 
other opensource software.

Just imagine what a Māori blogging system could do for eager school 
children and students the land of the long white cloud.

Samuel (can't speak Māori myself)

Samuel Murray
samuel at translate.org.za
Decathlon, for volunteer opensource translations

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