[wp-polyglots] Import problem - Kurdish (Sorani) (ckb) - wordpress in WordPress 2.5

Jeroen Vermeulen jtv at canonical.com
Mon Jul 14 07:37:58 GMT 2008

Nikolay Bachiyski wrote:

> The file seems fine, but it usually takes several days until a
> translation is imported in launchpad.

They may be held for manual review if Launchpad isn't sure exactly which 
template or which language they're for.  The template is clear in this 
case since Wordpress uses only one, but the language may be harder.

Some tricks to bypass the delay:

  * Name the translation for language xx simply xx.po, not 
wordpress-xx.po or wp-2.5-xx.po.

  * Upload files as close to their destination as you can.  So for a 
translation: go to the translation page for the right template and 
language, and select the upload option there.

This way, an upload should take under an hour.


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