[wp-polyglots] Download from localized versions from wordpress.org

Nikolay Bachiyski nbachiyski at developer.bg
Mon Feb 18 22:22:29 GMT 2008

2008/2/17, Francesc Hervada-Sala <francesc at hervada.org>:
> Hello,
> at the wordpress.org home page there is now the yellow hint "also available in
> these languages", according to the visitor's browser language settings. One
> could get such a hint at the download page, too. A lot of visitors get
> directly to the download page without calling the home page. I am sure many
> of them would download a localised version in their own language, if they
> knew there is one available.

The yellow box now shows on the download page, *only if* the locale
has the latest WordPress version released. For example, now the box
won't be shown on the download page if the suggested locale doesn't
have version 2.3.3.

Also, you can access your latest version from
http://locale.wordpress.org/latest-<locale>.tar.gz or
http://locale.wordpress.org/latest-<locale>.zip respectively.

Happy translating,

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