[Wp-install] Status of install4free

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 23:11:47 GMT 2006

>As of today,  the install4free team has completed over 400 installations of WordPress.  English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Swedish, and Norwegian versions of WordPress have been installed by four team members.

I'm one of the four, and I'm proud to have done my installations.. ;) =) I think it's great that we are providing this "service", and hopefully we'll continue to have more! Which of course, is undoubtful lol.. =P 

>But, there is a need for one or two more people to participate, as only three people from this list: https://install4free.wordpress.com/?page_id=10
> are now active in the project.

Hey now! Just because I haven't done any lately, for the past few weeks, doesn't mean I should be excluded from the "do-er list" .. lmao!! =P 

>So the question is, who still wants to be included on the list of installers and if you still desire to be on the list, are you willing to perform installations?

I'd like to remain on the list, of course! I never said I wanted to be removed.. and even if I did want removed.. I'd remove my name from the page, myself.. ;) =P 

The only thing is, like I said before.. with me on shit dialup connections.. THANKS JUNO!! by the way.. the moderation queue load time, sucks ass.. sigh. =(  Well, it is JUNO'S fault really!! Haha..anyway.. I might be back around doing some installs again soon.. patience people! =P


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