[Wp-install] Just wanted to say..

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 00:47:08 GMT 2006

IMHO, I don't think it's right to anyone, really, to just start changing passwords at the Install4free site. I know with my Wonderland or Not ordeal that went on, I was demodded.. 

But, I don't feel that I should have been removed from the Install4free service site too. The reason for my being demodded was because I mentioned about my Moderator status, in a supposed PRIVATE email to the chick at the Wonderland or Not.. site.. 

I DID NOT mention about the Install4free site stuff, in that email to her.. Yes, I admit that I goofed up by doing that, I said I was sorry for doing it too. I didn't think it was wrong at first, but after being told numerous of times.. that it was wrong.. I can see everyone's point..

I also have every right to have a defense for myself.. and my first blog post about it, admittedly, was wrong and rude.. which I had removed from blog.. Since that one, I had made up a more mature, and better post about it here..

IMHO, just because I made a goof up, and had already gotten the punishment for it, by being demodded.. I don't think I should lose EVERYTHING.. and everyone's respect entirely.. I'm not a bad person really.. I just was P.O. after seeing her comments on me, and I snapped.. 

Everyone has their bad days.. and snaps too. This wasn't done on the forums, or whatever.. it was done on MY BLOG.. even though it was about my Moderator status.. the punishment was made.. and I have to live with the fact, that I messed up there, and change.. I'm sorry for all this stuff going on..  =(

I don't want to lose everyone's friendship, because I snapped once there, and made a goof up.. I don't want to lose my Installer position because of it either.. =(  I will or would help again with the installs... after all, in the beginning, MichaelH and I were the ONLY ONES doing them... until I brought doodlebee aboard.. and then eventually.. Jeremy came aboard too.. 

I love and like everyone as a WP brother and sister.. and I don't want all my hard work before, doing installs and helping in the forums.. to just be flushed down the toilet, because of a goof up, and flame war post of mine sigh.. =( 

I messed up.. I was wrong.. I was already punished, and I'm sorry for it.. Please forgive my actions people..


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