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TechGnome tg at tannagh.com
Tue Jul 11 16:43:37 GMT 2006

OH shoot.... I knew there was a problem with that... I would imagine
they are not grabable by the feed, at least I would hope not.... and
since we are on wp.com,  there's no way to hack the feed files.....
hmmm.... I'll have to figure out something else then.....can we .....
wait, this list is public isn't it? I was thinking that the list could
be notified when a comment goes into moderation, but I think it also
sends a copy of the comment in the email.... and if this is a publicly
viewable list (ala archives) then we've got the risk of user names and
passwords being available when they shouldn't be.


Podz wrote:
> TechGnome wrote:
>> It's my understanding that it will just be a comment on the blog....
>> that it's not going to be forwarded (If I'm wrong, some one correct me
>> please)... I was simply planning on using the Comment RSS feed for my
>> notification needs.
>> -tg
>> Handy wrote:
>>> [resending as first reply went straight to podz]
>>> Refresh my memory (again) on the notification?  How are the
>>> "installers"notified when someone makes a request?  Does it go to this
>>> list?
>>> If so, then I'd think 24 or 48 would be reasonable (I might lean
>>> towards 48 just for sanity's sake, but then again... I can understand
>>> that folks like near-instant gratification too).
> Replies here - top idea though actually what about others seeing it in
> time? This list is open to scrutiny (as it should be) and it'll get
> found at some point. Is the feed grabbable for not-yet-moderated comments?
> P.
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