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Soda Pop Soda_Da_Pimp at hotmail.com
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Hello my name is soda I own the biggest and best hip hop rap room on paltalk and I wanted to invite u all to come chill play your beats.freestyles bring it all.
come check us out we are The VIP Lounge - MEET NEW FRIENDS! Open MIC: FOR MC'S, DJ'S, Talking, and some drama 18+ Adults Only Don't dictate the chat. Users are entitled to freedom of speech the PEOPLE make this room. If people want Freestyling, Talking, or Music let it rock.
located on paltalk. http://express.paltalk.com/index.html?gid=1575576875 See you online! if u can't get sound download the main client at http://paltalk.com and come to The VIP Lounge I am open to new room admins so holla at me.

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   1. Customizer (Leo Baiano)


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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 12:04:57 -0200
From: Leo Baiano <ljunior2005 at gmail.com>
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I'm working to customize and came the next problem. I created a widget and
this is a text field with autocomplete, when I type the first 3 letters
WordPress is the live preview and saves these first 3 letters somewhere,
there appears to securities listing that match those first letters and I
select one of them. At this point I would like WordPress make another live
preview but he does not and even worse, if I click the save button to save
the changes, WordPress does not save the full title that is in the field,
it only saves those 3/1 letters I typed.

What I think happens is that every time I type something in one of the
widget fields WordPress is a live preview and save what was typed in
memory, when I click on the save button at the top it will not take what is
on field but the data that was saved in memory. This is a problem for me
because the autocomplete field I fill by clicking one of the options, not
typing the full title, with that the WP does not save the full title.

If I select a title in the autocomplete field and then change a common text
field WP makes live and oh yes saves the complete title.

I think if there is a javascript hook that allows me to trigger this live
preview function, and save solve, because then I would call the hook at the
click event to use to select the title.
Can someone help me?


Leo Baiano
Web Developer


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