[wp-hackers] Customizer

Leo Baiano ljunior2005 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 14:04:57 UTC 2016

I'm working to customize and came the next problem. I created a widget and
this is a text field with autocomplete, when I type the first 3 letters
WordPress is the live preview and saves these first 3 letters somewhere,
there appears to securities listing that match those first letters and I
select one of them. At this point I would like WordPress make another live
preview but he does not and even worse, if I click the save button to save
the changes, WordPress does not save the full title that is in the field,
it only saves those 3/1 letters I typed.

What I think happens is that every time I type something in one of the
widget fields WordPress is a live preview and save what was typed in
memory, when I click on the save button at the top it will not take what is
on field but the data that was saved in memory. This is a problem for me
because the autocomplete field I fill by clicking one of the options, not
typing the full title, with that the WP does not save the full title.

If I select a title in the autocomplete field and then change a common text
field WP makes live and oh yes saves the complete title.

I think if there is a javascript hook that allows me to trigger this live
preview function, and save solve, because then I would call the hook at the
click event to use to select the title.
Can someone help me?


Leo Baiano
Web Developer

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