[wp-hackers] Looking for reliable WP Developers

contact at shawnmsullivan.me contact at shawnmsullivan.me
Tue Feb 16 17:30:56 UTC 2016

Hi I am currently working for a company called Purple Cow Agency. The owner
of the company has asked me to see  if I can find some good reliable
WordPress Developers that know PHP very well. We are looking for personnel
with the following credentials:

*         Work independently

*         Accurately quote time per task

*         Ability to communicate with  Project Manager so they understand
the developer needs.

*         Ask questions? What we mean by this is if your task don't have all
you need ASK QUESTIONS before giving a quote or working on the project

*         Able to use Teamwork

*         Willing to learn Git

*         Has worked in an AGILE development.


If you think you  have the qualifications then please  reply here with links
to sites you have worked on and a way I can contact you.





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