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C.J.S. Hayward cjsh at cjshayward.com
Fri Feb 5 13:17:08 UTC 2016

I'm a bit confused by the claim I was advancing religious or philosophical
positions. I was writing more out of puzzlement that a basic usability
finding, that visited and unvisited links should at least be different
colors (mentioned in a mainstream usability venue in 1996 and not clear
then; reiterated with slight relaxation of a strict hardliner position in
2011, and also repeated by another cardinally important author in 2014),
and this is not an obscure detail, but *important to Jakob Nielsen enough
to consistently make a top 10 list*...

Can you see why I might be puzzled if twentysixteen gives me complete
freedom in choosing one color for all links, but does not provide
facilities to give one color for unvisited links, and another for visited
links, and surprised to some degree in dealing with Wordpress afficionados,
who here state that I was advancing a philosophical or religious opinion? I
mentioned religion in the writeup post very briefly and to set the stage;
my attempt was to push for decisions based on cognitive science research
etc. rather than personal feelings about a color scheme...
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