[wp-hackers] Plugin updates, licensing + renewal plugin

David Anderson david at wordshell.net
Tue Nov 10 14:38:51 UTC 2015


Some of you may recall that some moons ago, I released a free plugin for 
providing plugin updates services for free plugins, managed from your WP 

The plan was to then have a paid version that added features for paid 
plugins (specifically, licence management). I've now changed course, and 
released the would-have-been-premium version for free. This plugin is 
the full version of what's used at updraftplus.com since 2013 to deliver 
hundreds of thousands of updates to customers (though, updraftplus.com 
isn't yet update to the latest major version, and relies on bespoke 
coding for some features before they were added to the main plugin).

It allows distribution of free and paid plugins, and handling of 
licences (add, delete, renew, reset), and automatic sending of reminders 
to licensees with expiring licences. There's even a class so that you 
can integrate an updater into your plugin with 1 include and 1 line of 

The plugin is here:

What's the catch? No catch... but there is a paid add-on for WooCommerce 
integration (automatic creation and renewal of licences, renewal 
discount coupons, linking orders with licenses, links in renewal 
reminder emails to automatically pre-fill the cart). If you're 
interested in an integration for another e-commerce plugin, then give me 
a shout off-list.


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